Here are some Testimonials

These testimonials have been edited for length and grammar.


I was suffering pain at a level 10+++

I have this crap that affects my whole body with massive pain and it’s 24/7 and invisible. Got the idea? I wanted to really put this to the test!

I took 5 drops and about 20 minutes later the pain went from that ugly crying 10 to about a 3!!!

This girl is AMAZED!

People this is so unbelievable!! To say I’m excited is an understatement!

If YOU suffer from pain and inflammation or know someone who does and it’s controlling your life then you need this too!

— Carrolle K.


Last weekend I decided to go horseback riding.

I was terribly injured on the horse, my ENTIRE back went out. I flew up in the air and landed on his butt straddling him #OUCH

I literally had to be lifted off the horse #AGONY

Since then I’ve been home in bed not being able to move and suffering from so MUCH Pain.

I’ve had my 5 yr old granddaughter for the summer so she was my little nurse rubbing my back with pain creams.

Your product arrived Right on time for my trip to Tampa to take my granddaughter home. I took it right before getting on the plane and for 4.5 hours NO PAIN.

I’m glad that I can now enjoy my trip and I was able to walk & shop ALL DAY!

— Angela T.


I am a Fibro Warrior

I want to bring awareness to other people suffering from Fibromyalgia and all its various debilitating symptoms.

This product CAN help alleviate & manage your symptoms and improve your QUALITY OF LIFE!!!

I belong to several Fibromyalgia support groups and it pains me to read some of the posts that people share. I want to tell all of them that there is a better way and it doesn’t have to be Pharmaceutical drugs!

I have a story and it is my hope that other Fibro warriors will have their own story too!

— Simone T.