The advanced formula “10X Pure Full Spectrum CBD Oil” is NOT your ordinary CBD Oil! This is an all exclusive, patented formula that only one company in the world carries! It is available to ship to you today! Our CTFO 10x Pure Full Spectrum CBD Oil is more powerful than the rest due to its absorption ability. You can feel the potency usually within seconds and start feeling relief just as fast. So how is this possible? Watch this video and see… > 10X Pure CBD Oil Video <

What makes our 10x Pure CBD Oil so special?
This supercharged 10x Pure Full Spectrum CBD oil is hydrophilic, making it easily absorbed into the body. Since the average adult body is 50 – 65% water, CBD naturally resists absorption into the bloodstream. This has a big impact on the bioavailability of some of the most popular and convenient forms of taking CBD. By Bioavailability, we mean “The amount of a substance that enters the bloodstream when introduced into the body and so is able to have an active effect.”

10X Pure CBD is all about the Process of Absorption!
The 10X Pure process removes the membrane from the oil molecule to create a covalent (molecular) bond, with all of the cannabinoids that our CBD Oil contains. In other words, the 10X Pure removes the entire oily film that surrounds the outside of each and every CBD molecule. This immediately exposes the molecule itself, so it can penetrate any impenetrable cell. No other process, or technology, can do this! We are at least 3 years ahead of the rest of the industry!

So What Is The Potency Of This 10x Pure Full Spectrum CBD Oil?
This amazing new patented product 10X Pure transports all-natural and non-processed full-spectrum oil throughout the bloodstream. As a result, it dramatically increases both potency and absorption into the body. What happens to the potency / absorption? First, we carry two strengths, a 500mg, and 1500mg. Well, the 500 mg potency with 10x Pure is approximately equivalent to taking a dose of 3,000 – 5,000 mg! The 1500 mg potency with 10x Pure is approximately equivalent to taking a dose of 9,000 – 15,000 mg!!!

Added Value in the Bottle!!
Why Less is More! One bottle of our 10X Pure should last you longer than what you have been buying elsewhere. Why… because you may need to take less to get the results you want due to the fact your body is absorbing all of it now! Remember to start low and work your way up until you reach your “sweet spot” or level of relief. Imagine getting relief from 3 drops compared to maybe 10 that you were used to taking!

You have the option to try the 500 mg at our wholesale price of $99.97.

The strongest option at a whopping 1500 mg for the wholesale price at $159.97.

Each bottle contains 50 servings of Pure CBD Hemp Oil and 10XPure which can be used twice daily. Drops should be applied under the tongue. http://shopmyctfo.com This product, as with all of our products, comes with a 60-day empty bottle money-back guarantee!