Dr. Steven Trobiani is a Medical Doctor and a board-certified neurologist. Following the conclusion of his residency training at Yale University in 1983 he has focused his practice on the evaluation and treatment of pain.

In 1998 Pfizer hired him to serve as a spokesperson for Celebrex to introduce the drug to the medical community in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

He has been instrumental in the development of CTFO’s 10xPURE™-GOLD Super 1000 which is an all-natural CBD oil, enriched with CBDa, for EXTRA-STRENGTH RELIEF.

Dr. Trobiani believes that this 10xPURE™ – GOLD Super 1000 product will be a breakthrough product.

Here is what Dr. Trobioni said in a recent interview:

The ingredient in this product has been scientifically established as a pure Cox2 inhibitor and because of that, we can now claim that this product is effective in the releif of pain and inflammation. In fact, it says it right on the bottle.

It remains to be seen how much pain relief we will get from this product, but I am excited that we might finally see something that even begins to rival the narcotics in terms of the amount of pain relief.

This is a product that is really, really unique.

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