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CTFO Independent Associate Glenn & Cindy Earls

Member Discounts

We offer lower wholesale prices to "members" and retail prices to non-members.

Becoming a member is a huge benefit in cost savings

Members buy at wholesale prices which is up to 30% OFF the retail cost.

NEW Members receive an additional 10% discount off of Wholesale Prices on all orders placed within your first 10 days of becoming a Preferred Customer or signing up as an Associate.

Members also receive additional discounts for volume purchases.

Additional 5% Off Wholesale prices
When you spend $399 or more (Silver Level Discount).

Additional 10% Off Wholesale prices
When you spend $699 or more (Gold Level Discount).

Additional 15% Off Wholesale prices
When you spend $1199 or more (Platinum Level Discount).

Brand New Customers or Associates can COMBINE the additional 10% off wholesale prices on all orders placed within your first 10 days, with the volume discounts and save BIG!

There are no gimmicks, hidden fees, or gotchas. 

  • Members can choose to be either a preferred customer or an associate.
  • There is no fee to be a member. You can become a member for FREE.
  • There is no ongoing commitment for purchasing products such as an "autoship" unless you want and choose autoship. 
  • If you choose Autoship, then you will get 5% off of the wholesale price every month on autoship orders.


Associates can share the products and earn a commission on personal sales without being on autoship and without any qualifying personal purchase.

We offer over 80 CBD and non-CBD products covering a wide range of different categories, including CBD Oils, CBD Edibles, CBD Skincare, CBD Pet Products, Nutrition and more.

Make commissions on product purchases just by referring people to your CTFO associate website where people shop, save and share our CTFO products. 

Becoming a CTFO Member is FREE!
Over 700,000 people in 20 countries have signed up for FREE in the last 3 years.

When you click on "Become a Member" you will be JOINING as an associate (which is FREE) and then you will have your own account and be able to purchase products. 

To become a member as a preferred customer go to our shopping site and choose a product to purchase first and then in the checkout process you can join as a customer (which is FREE).